Jazz Monthly: My next guest is the perfect example of the effulgence of great music. He is a young artist with a phat sax sound. He has a wonderful new project, it is called ‘Listening Pleasure’, and you must hear this great project. He is the pride of Tulsa, Oklahoma, he is a great friend of Wayman Tisdale, and wait until you hear these two cats together on this record. It is something to hear and feel. Please welcome this uninhibited sax player Mr. Eldredge Jackson. Eldredge, how ya doin’, my friend?

Eldredge Jackson (EJ): Oh, just great, man. How are you doing, man?

Jazz Monthly: I’m peaceful, thank you. Hey, and I’m loving this record, man, wow. This is your debut album and when I hear a debut album this good, I always say ‘What took him so long? He should’ve had four of these out. We love this.’ (Both laugh.)

EJ: Oh, well, thank you, man. Thanks so much for the compliment. We’re very pleased with this being the debut project and just having such a wonderful producer like Wayman Tisdale, who has been in the industry. I was very fortunate to be able to have him working with me as a close friend and as a confidant, and so this project, man, I’m just blown away myself….

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